IGBT Rectifier Use Precautions

Aug 08, 2017
IGBT Rectifier Use Precautions

IGBT Rectifier use precautions
Thyristor full name crystal thyristor (also known as SCR, abbreviation SCR), is a power semiconductor devices. It has a large capacity, high efficiency, good controllability, long life and small size and many other advantages, is weak control and charged between the strong electric bridge. From the energy point of view, power electronics technology known as the new electrical technology. China's energy efficiency is low, according to the national production and production of energy consumption calculation, China is 4.98 times in France, Japan 4.43 times, so the thyristor (SCR) as the core of the universal use of electrical control device is effective in China An important measure of electricity.
Thyristor (SCR) in China's industrial and agricultural production and civil areas are mainly used in: AC voltage regulator, controllable rectifier and non-contact power static switch and other fields. AC voltage regulator is the use of thyristor (SCR) switching characteristics of the old-fashioned contact voltage regulator, induction voltage regulator and reactor voltage regulator, with thyristor (SCR) to achieve the exchange between the exchange of alternating current called Exchange pressure regulator. IGBT Rectifier It is mainly used for temperature control, lighting control and AC motor voltage regulation and other fields. Controllable rectifier is a thyristor (thyristor) composed of rectifier in the case of AC voltage unchanged, easy to change the size of the DC output voltage can be controlled rectifier. Thyristor thyristor controllable rectifier has been replaced by DC generator for DC drag speed control device, widely used in rolling, electrolysis, electroplating, machine tools, paper, textile, excitation and other fields.
IGBT Rectifier: is a kind of thyristor (thyristor) as the basis, intelligent digital control circuit as the core of the power power control electrical appliances. Referred to as IGBT Rectifier. Voltage regulator, thyristor regulator, thyristor regulator, thyristor IGBT Rectifier, regulator, thyristor controller, thyristor AC power controller, thyristor regulator, thyristor regulator, thyristor regulator , SCR IGBT Rectifier, SCR controller, power controller, SCR AC power controller, voltage controller, and so on. With high efficiency, no mechanical noise and wear, fast response speed, small weight, and many other advantages. 'NT series IGBT Rectifier' imported from Germany: SEMIKRON (Xikang Kang SKKT series SCR module), through the voltage, current and power of precise control, in order to achieve precision temperature control. And, with its advanced digital control algorithm, optimized power efficiency has played an important role in saving electricity.
'NT series IGBT Rectifier' is widely used in the following areas: 1 electric furnace industry: annealing furnace, drying furnace, quenching furnace, sintering furnace, crucible furnace, tunnel furnace, furnace, box type electric furnace electric furnace, melting furnace, rolling electric furnace, Vacuum furnace, electric furnace, furnace, quenching furnace, aging furnace, hood electric furnace, atmosphere furnace, oven, experimental electric furnace, salt bath furnace, resistance furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, high temperature furnace, 2 Machinery and equipment: packaging machinery injection molding machinery, heat shrinkage machinery, extruded food machinery, IGBT Rectifier textile machinery, tempering equipment, plastic processing powder metallurgy machinery, petrochemical machinery, infrared heating. 3 glass industry: glass fiber glass molding, glass melting, float glass production. 4 automotive industry: spray drying, thermoforming and so on. 5 energy-saving lighting: tunnel lighting, street lamps energy-efficient lighting, photography lighting, stage lighting. 6 chemical industry: distillation evaporation, preheating system, pipeline heating, petrochemical, temperature compensation and so on. 7 other industries: diamond press heating, high-power magnetic demagnetization equipment, aviation power regulator, central air-conditioning electric heater temperature control, crystal production, color picture tube production line annealing tank, constant voltage constant current constant power control and other fields.