IGBT Rectifier Maintenance Standard

Oct 18, 2017
IGBT Rectifier Maintenance Standard

IGBT Rectifier maintenance standard
With the continuous development of power communication industry, IGBT Rectifier in the county-level communication system in the use of more and more widely. However, because IGBT Rectifier application time in China is not very long, there is no uniform maintenance standards, according to our daily maintenance work in some of the experience for reference.
1, IGBT Rectifier should not be used pre-repair repair maintenance methods In the early, due to domestic PHY components easy to aging, reliability is not high, to pre-repair repair mode maintenance has a certain positive significance. But the nineties high-frequency IGBT Rectifier uses a new component, its high quality, stable and reliable operation, and has a perfect self-protection function and a high degree of automation. If you still use the traditional pre-repair maintenance mode, not only can not find hidden dangers, but also because of repeated demolition caused some human failure. We have been in actual work due to damage caused by the demolition of the case.
2, should be carried out on a regular basis data analysis
We regularly print out the various information recorded by the IGBT Rectifier computer. It is easy to know the historical data of the power supply itself, such as when the interruption has occurred, when the battery is charged and discharged, and the current working status of the IGBT Rectifier and many more. Through the analysis of these data, can find a certain problem, if necessary, timely data modification.
3, should be installed dust isolation device
We know that no dust isolation device room, the engine room dust content. Because IGBT Rectifier is forced to cool by air cooling, air flow is bound to bring dust into the equipment, and IGBT Rectifier should not be cleaned and cleaned excessively. Excessive dust accumulation will cause short circuit leakage and cause malfunction. My unit had a module put into operation less than six months on the occurrence of automatic shutdown, the technical staff to check, open to find the internal dust thickness has been buried electronic components, confirmed that the fault caused by dust is caused by short circuit. Recently, with the deterioration of the environment, dust pollution is one of the main sources of pollution. A module of 2000A value of seven or eight million, a power room to install isolation device about eight thousand dollars. Therefore, both from the economic point of view or from the perspective of reliability, the installation of dust isolation devices are necessary, the conditions should also be equipped with air conditioning equipment.
4, timely implementation of centralized monitoring
With the expansion of communication equipment, IGBT Rectifier more and more equipment, the distribution of more and more scattered, need to maintain more and more staff, and reduce the efficiency of the formation of contradictions. An important way to solve the contradiction is to implement centralized monitoring. Implementation of centralized monitoring can be carried out in accordance with existing conditions, do not have to force a step in place. The implementation of centralized monitoring to reduce the efficiency, but also to solve the timeliness of fault handling, but also reduce the number of spare parts, can be described as numerous, is worthy of promotion.
IGBT Rectifier practical application and industry relevance, different functions of the downstream applications, because of its electronic products and circuit design are not the same, so the use of the rectifier specifications are not the same. Rectifier manufacturers need to pay close attention to the downstream application of electronic products and technology development, such as: light, short, high frequency, high pressure, high current, instantaneous reaction, as a synchronous research product development design and production reference.
Production of IGBT Rectifier products, including PN junction-based switching diodes, fast recovery diodes, standard recovery diodes, bridge reactors, zener tubes, transient voltage suppressors TVS, and so-called thyristor transient surge protection components TSPD The In addition, the use of Schottky diodes and the use of MOSFET technology developed rectifier, known as the SBR (Super Barrier Rectifier) and so on.
The experts further point out that the SBR is characterized by a forward voltage drop lower than that of the Schottky and the reverse leakage current is smaller than that of the Schottky, which combines the advantages of Schottky and switching diodes. SBR technology with ultra-thin package, such products can meet the customer's small size, high current density requirements. He stressed that the PV industry, SBR products can meet the junction temperature of 200 ℃ requirements, and leakage current is very small. In addition, in the PN junction of the switching diode and Schottky diode IGBT Rectifier part of the product features the appearance of small size and current density, experts said, PowerDI packaging technology can greatly enhance the current density.