How To Identify False Sapphire?

Dec 23, 2017
How To Identify False Sapphire?

No one wants to buy a fake jewel, but we want to talk to you about "fake sapphire", do not worry! A false sapphire is a true and real mineral. Do not think it is a fake sapphire.


False Sapphire

"Fake fake sapphire sapphire" alone

False sapphire, the English name is Sapphirine, which is especially like the English name of sapphire, Sapphire. It is easy to confuse.

Why is it called a fake sapphire? The main reason is that the color it presents is very close to the sapphire, and it is called a name like this.


The false sapphire crystal, the brown one is the gold mica, the white one is calcite.

The false sapphire was found in the Fiskenaes area of western Greenland in 1819. It is a magnesium aluminosilicate mineral. It belongs to a monoclinic system with a group of cleavages. Crystal is often a collection of particles, with few transparent crystals, and a clean and transparent faceted Sapphire is very rare. And some other rare gems is different, sapphirine Mohs hardness reached 7.5, so the hardness makes gem has more excellent durability.


The polychromatic property of the false sapphire is also obvious. It can be seen from the table to be blue green and light yellow.

The color of a false sapphire usually has a very strong gray tone. It is common mainly with different shades of blue-green, occasionally purple or other color. It looks particularly like sapphire from the color of the body, and sometimes especially in Sri Lanka's gray spinel, just without a spinel like fire.


GIA's "false sapphire"

The refractive index of the false sapphire is at 1.701-1.718, DR at 0.005-0.006, two axis crystal negative light, and the specific gravity is about 3.51-3.56. One of the biggest clean sapphires of the present record comes from the GIA laboratory and weighs 1.72 carats.

假 5.JPG

At present, the fake sapphire is mainly produced in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania. These three countries are all magical places, and the gems are produced.