Good Grounding Of Power Quality Solution Is Very Important

Sep 07, 2017
Good Grounding Of Power Quality Solution Is Very Important

Good grounding of Power Quality Solution is very important
Most Power Quality Solution instructions indicate 'Power Quality Solution'. 'Power output Solution' usually has only one high voltage output connector. The other end of the high-voltage circuit, which is usually opposed to the high-voltage output, is connected to the power supply housing inside the Power Quality Solution. The application requires that the Power Quality Solution enclosure be connected to the system ground via a dedicated safety ground wire. The purpose of ground output is to simplify the design and ease of manufacture. All the control signals and the detection signals are grounded, making it easier to apply. It is not possible to use two or more ground outputs Power Quality Solution to stack the output into a higher voltage Power Quality Solution by serializing the output in series. The high voltage output to the ground can not be connected to other voltage sources or other reference voltages.
How good is the ground?
Good grounding of Power Quality Solution is very important, ideally does not exist, there are many ways to ground, grounding is good and bad, see how you do it, re-design your grounding system than repair a bad grounding system To be much easier, the problem of grounding is not easy to isolate and analyze other problems, the following will talk about the way to achieve a good grounding.
First of all to choose a good grounding reference point, a good grounding point can be a water pipe system, metal heating pipe, power supply pipeline underground pipe, building metal skeleton, or building a special grounding. Use a thick conductor to connect the Power Quality Solution ground or the appropriate ground to the ground reference point you selected. The earth is always a common and the best ground reference point.
Another important thing about grounding is the grounding problem of the load loop. The output of Power Quality Solution is connected to the corresponding load. The other end of the load must return to the ground of the Power Quality Solution to form a closed loop. Must be directly connected with a thick wire, the only way to ensure that the moment the large arc current has a known loop so as not to affect the other ground for the reference point of the device.
 Power Quality Solution: also known as high-voltage generator, generally refers to the output voltage of more than five thousand volts of power, the general Power Quality Solution output voltage up to tens of thousands of volts, or even up to hundreds of thousands of volts or higher.
The development direction: First, to improve the power supply, that is, high voltage, high current; Second, reduce the power supply volume, that is, high voltage, small size, reduce the power supply is mainly to improve the power supply switching frequency. High power supply, often larger, and small power supply, often smaller current, lower power. In addition, high conversion efficiency, high load, high accuracy, low ripple, is also the direction of Power Quality Solution.
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