Focus On The Details Of IGBT Rectifier

Jul 06, 2017
Focus On The Details Of IGBT Rectifier

Focus on the details of IGBT Rectifier

In real life, with the continuous development of society, people's living standard is higher and higher, our side will often come into contact with IGBT Rectifier, its use range is very wide, brought great convenience to our life. Generally, when we choose IGBT Rectifier, we will go to the regular shop to choose. The quality is more assured. In the market, as more and more people use IGBT Rectifier, the supply is very much and the price is different. We should not only pay attention to the price when we choose, but also combine the quality, so that we can choose what is right for us. There are some people who want to buy some cheap things and buy some cheaper ones, but after a period of time they are damaged, which is more serious. So we have to be careful when we buy. As the saying goes, details decide success or failure. So how do we pay attention to detail when we use IGBT Rectifier?

First of all, we need to read the instructions carefully before using IGBT Rectifier, which can avoid accidents in the process of use, which can improve efficiency and save cost. There is also the need to get ready for work before using it, which is only organized in the process of use, and does not cause problems for our work.

In real life, there are many IGBT Rectifier manufacturers around us, so we are very familiar with IGBT Rectifier, and its arrival has brought great convenience to our life. According to the small editor, IGBT Rectifier is the core equipment of the electrolytic aluminum plant, and it is not allowed to stop for a long time when it is transported. Otherwise, huge losses can be caused, and even the aluminum can be cooled and condensed in the cell. In addition to the loss of output, customers will invest heavily in the repair of faulty electrolytic consumption lines. If the fuse type mishandled, form explosion, also endanger the life of the operator. Today we are going to learn how to ensure the safe operation of high-power IGBT Rectifier.

We need to carefully read the use of IGBT before we use it, so we can see what we should be paying attention to. Aluminum electrolytic aluminum is mainly consumed by the process of electrolysis. Many of the world's aluminum mills are expanding their range of consumption to improve efficiency and meet demand for aluminum. The process of aluminum electrolysis consumption is that aluminum oxide (Al2O3) has an electrolytic response in the cell, producing aluminum and oxygen: 2 Al2O3 + 3C, 4Al + 3CO2.

The electrolytic tank is a large and shallow steel slot with a carbon layer on the inside, and the different electrolyzers are connected in tandem to the electrical system. Each cell, a direct current flows through the graphite anode that are melting into alumina electrolyte, IGBT Rectifier and then the carbon cathode electrolyzer liner out of the country, into the next cell anode, so on. Under the action of current, oxygen elements in alumina are separated, IGBT Rectifier and carbon dioxide is formed in the upper part of the cell, and the aluminum is produced at the bottom of the cell.