Electronic Rectifier In The Use Of The Advantages And Disadvantages

Aug 28, 2017
Electronic Rectifier In The Use Of The Advantages And Disadvantages

Electronic Rectifier in the use of the advantages and disadvantages
      Electronic Rectifier is a device to accelerate the heat dissipation of the heating element, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a Rectifier there are two points: cooling and quiet. A large number of integrated circuits are used in computer components. As we all know, high temperature is the enemy of integrated circuits. High temperature will not only lead to instability in the system, the use of life shrinkage, and even some of the parts will be abandoned. Resulting in high temperature heat is not from the computer, but the computer inside, probably said to be integrated within the circuit. The role of electronic Rectifier is to absorb these heat, and then spread to the chassis probably outside the chassis, to ensure the normal temperature of the computer parts. Most of the Rectifier through the appearance of heat and parts of the body to fight, absorb heat, and then through the various means to heat the notification to the distance, such as the atmosphere inside the chassis, and then the chassis will be sent to the chassis of these hot atmosphere, complete computer cooling.
The basic functions of electric power Rectifier:
Three-phase thyristor power regulator is the use of digital circuit to trigger thyristor to achieve voltage regulator and power transfer. The voltage is controlled by the phase shift control mode, The control panel with phase-locked loop synchronization circuit, automatically determine the phase, phase protection, power on slow start, slow off, Rectifier over-temperature detection, constant current output, current limit, overcurrent protection, serial operating status indication The BHC6M-2 control board features: ten A / D, a high degree of linear output, the output from the control point is low.
The power Rectifier and 0-5V, 4-20mA intelligent PID regulator or PLC supporting the use of the main use of industrial furnace heating control, large fan water pump soft start energy-saving operation control. The load type can be three-phase resistive load, three-phase inductive load and three-phase transformer load; three-phase load can be the center ground load, the center is not grounded, the triangular load and the outer triangular load.
Electric power Rectifier as a power adjustment equipment, is widely used in many ways. It is also an energy-saving environmentally friendly products. And it is used in a variety of industry equipment, such as electric heating high temperature boiler, glass furnace, high temperature ceramic kiln, metal heat treatment equipment, fiber dyeing and heating equipment, physical instruments, chemical equipment, power voltage transmission equipment, A side of the control, and so many of the various industries on the device. Here, to tell you about the application of electric power Rectifier.
The power Rectifier is precisely controlled by voltage, current and power to achieve precise temperature control. And by virtue of its advanced digital control algorithm to optimize the efficiency of energy use. Has played an important role in saving electricity.
 With the new Rectifier in the market more and more popular, some Rectifier manufacturers also began to abandon the original old Rectifier, embarked on a new Rectifier production and research and development of the road, and do a new Rectifier, pay attention to the material is that several categories? Today I To introduce the introduction.
    Alice category;
    The early use of a water over the main body of a piece of piece of steel material string, commonly known as (steel string), plus a iron cover, because the Rectifier itself, the thermal efficiency is low, there is a iron block, so the whole The cooling effect of the Rectifier is very poor. In addition, the anti-corrosion function of the supervisor is not strong and has been gradually screened by the mall. In recent years, a new kind of aluminum tube, this kind of commodity is in the copper main channel plus a circle of aluminum The use of copper good anti-corrosion, aluminum good thermal function for heat, heat is very large, offer moderate, shopping malls prospects. Common name (convection). Defect is with the shell in the future, the goods seem stupid.
    Cast iron
    This kind of heating is currently the main product of construction, high, medium and low construction are presented. Defects; take up space, rough appearance, the other cavity wall is not anti-corrosion disposal, many residues in the independent heating system to avoid the use of Such goods. At present the shopping malls have shown a cavity through the disposal of cast iron Rectifier, anti-corrosion can be greatly improved.