Customer Visit Of Caustic Soda Plant

Feb 09, 2017
Customer Visit Of Caustic Soda Plant

Visited our Caustic Soda production customer, make electrolysis rectifier for Ion-exchange membrane caustic soda using SCR rectifier. 

Why use SCR rectifier?

  • Realize accurate output regulation by SCR triggering control, not only by tap changer which is not accurate.

  • Fine and accurate output voltage or current regulation as desire

  • Intelligent digital controller

  • Self adaptive to input grid fluctuation

We can provide ion-exchange membrane caustic soda electrolysis SCR rectifier power up to 10MW, with following advantages:

-High Reliability

  • -Power Saving

  • -High Output Stability, High Control Accuracy

  • -Low Output Ripple

  • -High Power Factor

  • -Long lifespan

  • -Friendly HMI