Customer Visit Of Aluminum Anodizing Factory

Feb 09, 2017
Customer Visit Of Aluminum Anodizing Factory

Visit Aluminum anodizing factory. For anodizing, we recommend using high frequency pulse output IGBT switch mode rectifier, it has many advantages:

1. Power saving above 17%

2. Less affected by power fluctuation

3. Same high reliability as SCR rectifier, long time 7 days 24 hours continuous running

4. Pulse output needs less plating time, customer feedback 40% shorter time needed for plating

5. Compact size

6. Low pollution to grid, power factor>0.93

7. Lower cost for the same specification 

8. Modular structure, high reliability, one module break-down won't affect other modules running, rectifier don't stop, don’t need to stop anodizing line.

Aluminum Anodizing process running video on Youtube: