Application Of SCR Rectifier In Power System

Oct 18, 2017
Application Of SCR Rectifier In Power System

Application of SCR Rectifier in Power System
SCR Rectifier has a small size, light weight, safe and reliable, the degree of automation and high efficiency, low noise characteristics, at present, the power system has gradually adopted this power system.
In the power system, the DC power supply as a relay protection, automatic devices, control operating circuit, lighting and audio signals and accident lighting and other power supply, power plants and substations are more important equipment. Due to DC power failure caused by the accident occurred, so the reliability of the DC power supply, stability, high demand. Most of the traditional DC power supply using SCR rectifier. In recent years, many DC power supply manufacturers introduced intelligent SCR Rectifier, this power system has many advantages: safe, reliable, high degree of automation, with a smaller size and weight, high efficiency and low noise, to adapt to power grid development The need to promote the use.
At present, China's power system using DC power is also from the traditional phase control power to the modular SCR Rectifier gradually. SCR Rectifier rectifier works: AC power supply access rectifier module, the filter and three-phase full-wave rectifier into a DC, and then access the high-frequency inverter circuit, the DC into high-frequency AC, and finally by the high-frequency transformers, Rectifier bridge, filter output after the smooth DC. This SCR Rectifier is mainly composed of high-frequency switch charging module, centralized monitor and battery pack, etc., which charge module and centralized monitor with built-in microprocessor, a high degree of intelligence. SCR Rectifier When the system is in normal operation, the output of the charger runs in parallel with the battery pack and supplies power to the recurrent load.
Talk about the experience of maintenance
1, SCR Rectifier does not start when the vibration, we usually need to check the switching frequency is correct, protect the circuit is blocked, the voltage feedback circuit, the current feedback circuit no problem, whether the breakdown of the switch.
2, SCR Rectifier Transformer heat or issued a sound, usually the switching frequency is wrong.
3, SCR Rectifier output voltage power indicator flash is generally a short side of the secondary.
Water Cooled SCR Rectifier Cooling Water It is strongly recommended to use recycled water at room temperature, uncontaminated tap water or above water quality. Do not use chilled water. Cooling water can cause condensation in the chassis, resulting in damage to the SCR Rectifier and due to extreme insulation damage caused by leakage, the safety of the relevant staff of the crisis. Water quality can not contain acid, alkali, otherwise it will corrode the machine within the aluminum radiator waterway, a long time will lead to radiator water seepage and so on. Seriously affecting the life of SCR Rectifier. Cooling water should have a filter device to ensure that the water should not contain leaves, sediment and other impurities to prevent blocking the cooling waterway. Cooling water should have enough water. Water is too small will cause the cooling water temperature is too high, waterway scale, the impact of SCR Rectifier cooling.
SCR Rectifier should not be used pre-repair repair maintenance method In the early, due to domestic PHY elements easy to aging, reliability is not high, to pre-repair maintenance mode has a certain positive significance. But the high frequency SCR Rectifier in the 1990s uses a new component, which is of high quality, stable and reliable, and has a perfect self-protection function and a high degree of automation. If you still use the traditional pre-repair maintenance mode, not only can not find hidden dangers, but also because of repeated demolition caused some human failure. We have been in actual work due to damage caused by the demolition of the case.