Analysis Of Common Faults Of SCR Rectifier

Jun 28, 2017
Analysis Of Common Faults Of SCR Rectifier

Analysis of Common Faults of SCR Rectifier
SCR rectifier in the use of the process, SCR rectifier due to the length of time difference, the overvoltage, over-current damage to the extent of the use and maintenance of the situation is by no means the same, resulting in SCR rectifier failure variety Diversity, in order to timely detection of failure, analysis of troubleshooting, improve the ability to detect and diagnose the fault and accuracy, we must make full use of a variety of diagnostic techniques, integrated equipment, a variety of operating historical data. Now on the SCR rectifier common fault diagnosis to talk about a few views.
One, SCR rectifier fault check
1. Look. Through the occurrence of the fault when the color and other anomalies from outside to inside carefully check the SCR rectifier every place. ① leakage of oil. SCR rectifier in the course of the operation, the phenomenon of oil leakage is a common phenomenon, in the device on the external body, people can distinguish one at a glance, a small SCR rectifier installed in some of the shell, check the attention of the internal chassis or Shell under the floor, the oil is very small, mainly due to the fuel tank and parts of the connection seal is not good, welding parts or casting parts of the defect, equipment overload or impact vibration. In addition SCR rectifier in the process of internal failure will also cause SCR rectifier oil temperature rise, the volume expansion caused by oil spills. ② due to temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light or the surrounding air contained in the acid, salt, etc., will cause the surface of the box film cracking, blistering, stripping. Due to over voltage will cause porcelain pieces, porcelain casing, porcelain surface cracks, and there are traces of discharge. Porcelain terminal connection Wiring fastening part of the screw loosening, will cause the surface contact surface peroxide, causing discoloration.
Moisturizers in the moisture absorber discoloration, because of excessive moisture absorption, washer damage, turbid indoor water caused by too much, usually wetting agent material is bauxite, silicone, etc., and blue, pink to be required for regeneration The
2. listen. During normal operation, the SCR rectifier emits a uniform "buzzing" sound. If there is uneven noise or other sound, are not normal. ① sound is higher than usual and sharp, one reason is the grid over-voltage, one reason is the SCR rectifier overload. ② If the issue of "chirp" sound, and cause high-voltage fuse blown, it is not in place the tap switch, if a slight "creak" sound, is a discharge sound, is the tap switch bad. ③ If the SCR rectifier issued a "whirring" of the wind and "squeak" sound, and the sound is large and messy, may be the SCR rectifier core problems. ④ sound in the discharge of the "hissing" sound, can see corona or blue spark at night, may be SCR rectifier wiring porcelain local discharge phenomenon. ⑤ If you hear the "crackling" ring before the SCR rectifier, it is possible to discharge the static and ungrounded metal parts, and stop the operation of the SCR rectifier. ⑥ running in the burst sound, and the sound is large, uneven, may be SCR rectifier insulation breakdown phenomenon. If the boring "crackling" sound is the conductor through the SCR rectifier oil to the shell discharge. ⑦ When the SCR rectifier has a boiling water "gurgle" sound, it may be SCR rectifier winding short circuit or inter-turn short circuit, then you must stop the SCR rectifier operation, maintenance. 3. Measurement. According to the sound and color and cast some other phenomena on the SCR rectifier fault diagnosis can only be used as a preliminary analysis and judgment of the scene, because the situation of any one device is not a single aspect of the situation can be directly reflected, there are many factors, sometimes false , Therefore, must also be measured and a comprehensive analysis, in order to accurately identify the cause of the failure and the nature of the accident, so that a more complete and more economical and reasonable approach.