Adjustable Voltage For Tube IGBT Rectifier

Nov 01, 2017
Adjustable Voltage For Tube IGBT Rectifier

Adjustable voltage for tube IGBT Rectifier
Here is the use of a 6Pl tube rectifier, the output DC voltage can be adjusted by the IGBT Rectifier. The output voltage can be changed between ten watts and several hundred volts to power the tube receiver or transmitter to meet the needs of the enthusiast.
6P1 tube cathode and cathode equivalent to a vacuum diode, the role of the same with the semiconductor rectifier diodes, the screen is equivalent to the cathode of the semiconductor diode; cathode equivalent to the negative. Power transformer secondary AC positive half-cycle from the 6P1 tube of the screen into the cathode output from the positive pulse DC, the formation of half-wave rectifier.
Unlike the general tube IGBT Rectifier, the 6P1 tube has a control gate. The control gate is connected to the filter resistor, that is to say, a positive bias is applied to the control gate, and the length of the output voltage can be changed by moving the wire arm. The greater the forward bias, the greater the anode current, the higher the output voltage, thus controlling the 6P1 tube screen flow, in order to achieve the purpose of changing the output voltage. It can be seen that this IGBT Rectifier is not afraid of overload, not afraid of load short circuit. Because when the load short circuit, the negative gate voltage increases, causing the screen to reduce, thus protecting the rectifier.
The battery in the engine room (lead-acid battery) is the only source of electricity for the car, from the lights, air-conditioning, sound ... to the electronic ignition devices are provided by the battery power, these cars are used to connect the electrical In the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
These appliances used in the car, such as home appliances are generally "parallel" use, but the load characteristics of each kind of electrical appliances are not the same, these battery-powered electrical appliances in the start, the load characteristics will be different from each other Different voltage stabilization results.
In the case of an electronic ignition device, if the engine's engine speed is 3600 RPM, the conversion can be 60RPS, that is, at 3600 RPM speed, the battery must provide 30 times the electronic ignition current per second, in the four-cylinder engine, the battery every Second must provide 120 times the electronic ignition current, at the same time, other electrical appliances such as sound also need power, it will cause the actual sound voltage instability.
In two basic types of IGBT Rectifiers based on high-power diodes or thyristors, the high-voltage AC power of the grid is converted to DC power by the transformer. Other types of IGBT Rectifiers that refer to future (near or far away): chopper, chopper DC / DC converters or current source inverting active IGBT Rectifiers based on unprotected diode frontier products. Obviously, this latest type of IGBT Rectifier technically contains more to develop content, but it can show advantages, for example, it is very small harmonic interference and 1 power factor loaded on the grid.
IGBT Rectifier is the direction of the size of the ever-changing AC, into the same direction, the size of the change in the one-way pulse power. And then through the filter circuit, the regulator circuit, the pulsating power into the same size of the DC.
The mounting position can be placed on the battery or left after, or on the side of the left shock tower. The line with the fuse is positive. Power cord directly connected to the battery terminal can be. Fixed on the back of the high-frequency IGBT Rectifier can be posted on a double-sided adhesive, plus line tie (more than 10 root) tied to OK. Before installing the switch in the off position (O is off, I is open), installed after the switch, the power indicator light can work properly. Do not drive for a long time, you can disconnect the switch.