AC Power To Make Household Appliances And Portable Small Equipment Power

May 25, 2017
AC Power To Make Household Appliances And Portable Small Equipment Power

AC Power Supply AC power to make household appliances and portable small equipment power. AC power is a modern word, is a proper noun, refers to the plug and socket refers to the connection used to connect the electricity provided by the electricity, so that household appliances and can A device that can be used for powering a small device

  AC Power Supply Household AC power plugs and sockets are devices that are used to connect ACs that can be used to power electricity and make portable appliances and portable small devices available.

  The power plug has a male or copper male connector that is physically inserted into a female connector with a socket or recess. Plugs generally have fire lines (holes are shorter), neutral wire joints (longer holes), and some also ground joints (central round hole). There are a variety of plugs do not particularly distinguish between the line of fire and neutral, but also some joints will have multiple FireWire. These joints may be plated with copper, tin and nickel

  The power outlet is a female connector with a slot or recess for inserting a power plug with a rod or copper plate protruding to transmit electrical power to the appliance via the plug. The general socket are designed to not plug the same specifications can not be inserted, some of the socket will be stick-shaped protruding, with the plug on the hole.

  AC Power Supply An electronic device that provides stable AC power for the load. Also known as AC voltage regulator. The parameters and quality indicators of the AC power supply can be found in the DC power supply. A variety of electronic equipment requires a relatively stable AC power supply, especially when the computer technology applied to various fields, the use of direct power supply by the AC power grid without taking any measures can not meet the needs of the way

  AC power supply has been widely used in industrial automation, complete sets of equipment, CNC machine tools, textile, medical, hotels, radio and television, communications equipment and other needs of the voltage stability of the occasion. The use of such occasions as with the computer remote communication interface, but also to achieve the remote power regulator remote control, remote and telemetry