AC Power Supply Output Voltage And Operation Principle

Jul 06, 2017
AC Power Supply Output Voltage And Operation Principle

AC Power Supply output voltage and operation principle

According to the small make up know, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, our side there is a lot of communication power supply manufacturers, it has a very wide range of applications, brought great convenience to our life. No matter what we use, we should pay attention to the proper use of it, especially the AC Power Supply supply. If we use incorrect methods, it will have a great impact on our work. We should go to the regular AC Power Supply plant when choosing AC Power Supply supply, that is because quality is more assured. In the process of use, we should pay attention to the maintenance of AC Power Supply, which can delay its use time. I don't know if you are familiar with the AC Power Supply source. Today the AC Power Supply supply manufacturer tells you the output voltage and operation principle of AC Power Supply supply, respectively:

1. Scope of application

Widely used in hardware electronic electroplating, metal plating, PCB plating, plastic plating, electrolytic plating, anodizing aluminum, metal oxide, electricity (electrophoresis) coating, chemical assay, chemical nickel plating, regeneration recycling, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, etc.

Ii. Operation principle

AC Power Supply change the alternating current for AC Power Supply grid, meet the needs of the various production, filter, voltage regulator, steady flow, digital control, can adjust voltage, current, and other functions, the main products: high frequency pulse AC Power Supply, AC Power Supply for aluminum anode, anodic protection for communication power supply, waste water treatment for the AC Power Supply, AC Power Supply source for hard chrome plating, the electricity (electrophoresis) coating with high voltage AC Power Supply supply, precision experiment with crystal type AC Power Supply, and so on.

3. Cooling mode: air cooling type, water cooling type, oil immersion cold type.

4. The AC Power Supply output voltage of the three-phase transformer is DC DC. It can be stabilized or steady flow.

In today's society, the economic level is higher and higher, and we have a lot of silicon controlled AC Power Supply supply manufacturers around us, which brings great convenience to people's life. No matter we use what should pay attention to the proper use of it, so we in the use of thyristor AC Power Supply to read the instructions carefully, it can avoid problems in the process of use, affect our normal work. Today we are going to study the effects of AC Power Supply on electroplating technology.

Electroplating is a process of electrolysis. It is obvious that the performance, AC Power Supply type and characteristics of power supply will have an important influence on electroplating process. Especially in the rapid development of modern electroplating technology, electroplating power is more important. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the influence of electroplating power on electroplating process. In order to obtain low grain output, the filter or other special measures are required. The application of capacitance and inductance energy storage device to stop filtering is a common measure to transform the pulsating dc into a relatively smooth dc. However, in practice consumption, in addition to the small AC Power Supply supply, industrial consumption does not stop filtering. Special conditions can be used for large inductance. Capacitance is not applicable to filter in low voltage and high current condition. Capacitance filtering, which is suitable for a very small power supply of AC Power Supply. For example, the single-phase full-wave AC Power Supply output of 10A shall reach low ripple output, and its filter capacitance shall be above 0.1f. As the frequency progresses, the required capacitance decreases.

Thyristor conduction Angle of silicon controlled rectifier pipe application changes to adjust the size of the uniform output dc ordinary thyristor AC Power Supply, silicon controlled rectifier tube of the output is a continuous pulse wave, the ripple coefficient of conduction Angle control, the output ripple coefficient is greater than the ordinary silicon rectifier circuit. In particular, AC Power Supply the output waveform pulsation coefficient is greater when the current is lower than the rated current.