AC Power Supply 24 Hours After The Continuous Operation Of The Load

Sep 07, 2017
AC Power Supply 24 Hours After The Continuous Operation Of The Load

AC Power Supply 24 hours after the continuous operation of the load
AC Power Supply installation and wiring
1. Selection
According to the load conditions and installation conditions and other suitable installation conditions, the size of the installation of AC Power Supply
2. Installation precautions
AC Power Supply to the installation site, the first out of the box by the competent equipment professionals on the AC Power Supply for visual inspection, check the accessories and random file is complete or not, look at the instructions, installation requirements fixed installation, installation location and space to keep heat Ventilation distance.
3. Use requirements and precautions
(1) use the front line connection Never put the AC Power Supply input and output reverse, the input mark for the R.S.T, the output is U.V.W.
(2) Check whether the ground terminal PE is 5.5m ㎡ and above cable, can not be less than 5.5m ㎡ cable, and do near the reliable ground, so that the AC Power Supply of the metal shell from the shielding effect, in order to prevent external radio interference on the AC Power Supply control System has a negative impact.
(3) Before use must check the input of the AC Power Supply The power distribution switch can withstand the current generated by the load, the primary power distribution switch must be larger than the secondary distribution switch capacity.
AC Power Supply modulation mode
AC Power Supply output waveform modulation often used PWM, PAM and SPWM three.
1.PMM modulation mode
The modulation is to modulate the waveform pulse width. It is the use of inverter switching characteristics, the DC power supply chopper modulation, according to the need to achieve U / t constant control. Compared with PAM modulation, PWM modulation power supply efficiency is high, but the average output voltage of both are square wave.
2.PAM modulation
PAM modulation is the modulation of the output waveform pulse amplitude, the application of less than PWM, compared with the PWM modulation, PAM modulation drive no noise, noise, but the power supply factor is low and the circuit is complex.
3.SPWM modulation mode
Because the PWM and PAM modulation output waveforms belong to the square wave, in order to make the waveform is good, the output is sine wave, so the development of the sine wave pulse width modulation (SPWM) using high frequency pulse width modulation generated higher harmonic easy to filter , SPWM modulation is the most reasonable modulation, but also the common use of AC Power Supply modulation.
The entire drag system plus load test run when the load test, used to check the entire device is running normally or not, but also for the assessment of drag the use of AC Power Supply matching machine, the main content of the test there are three aspects
(1) If the maximum frequency is greater than the rated frequency, the maximum frequency should be carried out with the load capacity test, used to assess whether the normal load under normal load.
(2) AC Power Supply 24 hours after the continuous operation of the load, the AC Power Supply output voltage frequency is stable within the accuracy range, the AC Power Supply exceeds the rated voltage, the output air switch is disconnected, the buzzer and alarm indicator is running normal.
(3) overload test. Install the AC Power Supply capacity may occur overload and the duration of the overload, observe the AC Power Supply overload current threshold, whether to meet the needs of the parameters.