Transformer Rectifier for Caustic Soda 19kA 255V running in Russia

May 28, 2020

The transformer rectifier for caustic soda electrolysis process 19kA 255V is put into operation since March of 2020 in Russia, until now, it is reliably continuously running and producing caustic soda sodium hydroxide NaOH and chlorine. 

Because of the low temperature in Russia in Winter, customer required the rectifier using air cooling method, transformer adopts oil cooling. After Green Power team's professional design and production, the rectifier was shipped last Nov. 

The convenient HMI touch panel and remote monitoring computer provide intelligent control and monitor to the transformer rectifier system. It could detect the status of the thyristor temperature and each fuse status easily on touch panel, and could record the history data and display output waveform. 

transformer-rectifier-for-caustic-soda transformer-for-caustic-soda

caustic-soda-rectifier-HMI waveform

Green Power Co., Ltd. is a professional, technology oriented global rectifier & DC power supply manufacturer, exported to more than 50 countries, provided many transformer rectifiers for chlor alkali industry caustic soda ionic membrane electrolysis. The efficieny and responsible after sale service was greatly praise by international customers. 

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