Electroplating Rectifier Introduction


The electroplating rectifiers are widely applied for metal and plastic plating, rack plating, barrel plating and continuous plating, plating types include: 

   -Chrome plating and hard chrome plating;

   -Nickel plating;

   -Copper plating;

   -Zinc plating;


   -Tin plating;


We provide high efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability, high frequency IGBT based rectifier for electroplating industry. 

Modular based, support convenient current expansion through modules parallel connection, compact size.

Provide multiple remote control communication options. 

Electroplating Video which Using our Rectifier

1.Electroplating process

2.ECO rectifier

3.STA rectifier

4.3000A 15V air cooling video

5.Plating Application Video

Advantages of Green Power Electroplating Rectifiers

For electroplating industry, because of low output DC voltage(normally 12V, 15V, 18V), we recommend using Green Power IGBT high frequency switch mode power supply (not SCR or diode rectifier) because of below reasons:

1. Same level of high reliablity as SCR/diode rectifier, support 100% output 24 hours continuous running, no need extra capacity. 

2. IGBT plating rectifiers have higher efficiency, for 12V rectifier, typical efficiency is higher than 88%, that means power saving for you, and more years running, saving more. 

Below is a power saving calculation for 1000A 15V rectifier comparison, considering running hours is 6300 hours per year. 

Output Voltage(V)Output Current(A)Output Power (kW)Running days per yearRunning Hours Per day
Rectifier typeSCR/Diode RecifierIGBT Rectifier
Consumed power per year (kWh)126000105000
IGBT Rectifier Saved Power(kWh)Quantity 1 no.Quantity 5 nos.Quantity 10 nos.Quantity 20 nos.
For 1 year21000105000210000420000
For 3 year630003150006300001260000
For 5 year10500052500010500002100000
For 10 year210000105000021000004200000

3. Compact size, saving a lot of space for you. 


4. Modular structure, high reliability, not like SCR rectifier, IGBT rectifiers' one module break-down won't affect other modules running, rectifier don't stop, don’t need to stop plating line.

plating IGBT rectifier.jpg 20000A-12V-hard-chrome-plating-IGBT-rectifier.jpg

5. High power factor in full range, higher than 0.93 at rated output, no need extra reactive power compensation facility, avoid fined by government because of power factor, saving cost. Support modules connection in parallel to have higher current capacity. 

6. Not like SCR rectifier, the ripple won't be higher when output is not at rated value, not affecting plating quality because of ripple. 

7. Pulse output, needs less plating time than SCR rectifier. 

8. Less affected by input power fluctuation because of buffer function, support 100% output. No need extra capacity, such as if you need 800A output, you don't need to buy 1000A, 800A rating is enough. 

Our rectifier applications:


Recommended Products

1. Air Cooling:

100A12V.jpg         300A.jpg        500A.jpg   

   100A/200A  12V/15V/18V/20V             300A/400A  12V/15V/18V/20V             500A/600A  12V/15V/18V/20V 

1000A.jpg         2000A.jpg        3000A

            1000A  12V/15V/18V/20V/24V          1500A/2000A 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V    2500A/3000A  12V/15V/18V/20V/24V    

4000A.jpg        10000A.jpg     

                                4000A/5000A 12V/15V/18V20V/24V       10kA 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V                                

2. Water Cooling:

2000A water cooling.jpg    5000A WATER.jpg     8000A.jpg    

1000A/2000A/3000A/4000A12V/15V               5000A 12V/15V                     8000A 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V

10000A WATER.jpg     15KA.jpg      20KA.jpg

    10kA 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V           15kA 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V           20kA  12V/15V/18V/20V/24V  

25000A12V-1     40kA7V-1

 25kA 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V           40kA 12V/15V/18V/20V/24V