Rectifier thyristor technology for producing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and chlorine gas (Cl2) from the brine makes use of electrolysis method, Electrolysis of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, chlorine gas is generated at the anode and caustic soda is made and hydrogen gas is generated simultaneously at the cathode, for this CA (Chlor-Alkali) process, high-capacity special power supply is required for the purpose of effective electrolysis. 

And the power supply is also used for electrolysis of potassium hydroxide, copper foil, salt solution, seawater desalination Electrodialysis(ED) etc.

Electrolysis of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda.png

   Thyristor Rectifier for Chlor Alkali Electrolysis Gold .png

Green Power provided rectifiers used in the caustic soda industry in Pakistan, Iran, India, voltage more than 600V.