1000A400V Air Cooling Power Supply For Electrowinning

1000A400V Air Cooling Power Supply For Electrowinning

GP DC Power Supply Advantages • DSP digital control, USA TI company's DSP chip • High reliability, 24 hours continuous running • High efficiency • Integration process curve • Ramp Timer setting • Soft start function • Rich external interfaces • Automatic restart function • Historical data,...

Product Details

GP DC Power Supply Advantages 

• DSP digital control, USA TI company's DSP chip 

• High reliability, 24 hours continuous running 

• High efficiency 

• Integration process curve 

• Ramp Timer setting 

• Soft start function 

• Rich external interfaces                                               

• Automatic restart function


• Historical data, curves 

• Touch Panel HMI

1000A 400V power supply Specification:

Rated output DC voltage: 400V

Rated output DC current: 1000A.

DC output voltage regulation range: 0 V-rated DC output voltage continuously adjustable.

DC output voltage stabilization accuracy: ±5 %.

DC output voltage ripple factor: when the equipment is operating at rated output DC voltage, the voltage ripple factor is not greater than 1%.

Current limit: the current limit is self-tuning in the range of 50% ~ 100% rated current, and the current limiting precision is ±5 ‰.

Output DC soft start time: the output DC voltage rises from 0 V to electrophoresis operation voltage can be self-tuning within 120 seconds.

Output DC soft stop time:the output DC voltage can be self-tuned within 1 - 120 seconds from the electrophoretic operating voltage down to 0V.



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