High Power Rectifier For Electrolysis Of Sodium Chloride Aqueous Solution To Produce Sodium Hydroxide In Chlor-Alkali Industry

High power rectifier for electrolysis of sodium chloride aqueous solution to produce sodium hydroxide in Chlor-Alkali Industry, it provides high power DC power supply for the electrolyzer. We made more than projects worldwide, with the latest technology and digital control, high efficiency and high reliability. Work with worldwide main electrolyzer companies.

Product Details

High power rectifier for electrolysis of sodium chloride aqueous solution to produce sodium hydroxide in Chlor-Alkali Industry


Rectifier Application

The high power rectifier is used to provide high power for electrolysis of sodium chloride aqueous solution to produce sodium hydroxide in Chlor-Alkali Industry, the rectifier output current up to 50kA, voltage up to 800V. Mostly the current is betwen 10kA to 20kA, voltgae is lower than 800V depends on the electrolyzers design and annual capacity of sodium hydroxide(caustic soda)  


High Power Rectifier for Sodium Hydroxide's Important Factors

◆ High reliability, 7*24 hours 365 days continuous running in heavy-duty

◆ High stability of output DC current

◆ Reliability of the controller, use 1+1 dule channels controller

◆ Interface with plant DCS and control room monitoring unit

◆ All necessary safety protections

◆ Reliability of the water cooling loop

◆ Anti-corrosion measures because of the corrosive fumes

Even the rectifier is small part of the whole plant investment, but it plays very critical role in the whole process. 

What Green Power can offer you? 

◆ High reliability of rectifiers with all details to be taken care of.

◆ All necessary safety measures and protections

◆ High efficiency to save your running power cost which make up big part of the cost

◆ Professional team to provide you technical support

◆ Efficient and professional after sale service, local service available in some countries

◆ Rich experience in Rectifier R&D and engineering for more than 20 years, focused on rectifier technology

◆ Custom design available based on self-owned technical team: electrical, mechanical, control, software, automation etc. functions

◆ Fluent English communication, including all technical discussions. Have agents to speak Russia and Spanish.

Provide you trustable rectifier solution and service

Main Technical Data

 Input: 3 phase kV level

◆ Max. output DC voltage: up to 800V DC

◆ Max. output DC current: up to 50kA DC

◆ Installation place: Indoor/outdoor

◆ Cooling method: Water-water cooling, water-air cooling

◆ Main circuit type: 3 phase bridge or double star with interface transformer(IPT), in-phase counter parallel connection circuit for high current is effectively reduce eddy current and reduce power loss
◆ Rectifier semiconductor: Thyristor

◆ Unbalance coefficient of the same arm thyristor's current <0.15
◆ Pulse nos. of single unit: 6 or 12 pulse(More rectifiers with rectifier transformer phase shift to form equivalent of 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 pulse)

 Protections: Fast fuse, over voltage RC snubber, water pressure, water temperature, arm temperature, grouding detection, transformer over oil temperature etc. protections
◆ Protection class: up to IP54

◆ Thyristor N+1 redudancy

Company Introduction

◆ High-tech enterprises, more than 20 years of experience in R&D and engineering of power electronics products

◆ Strong technical strength, 6 doctors, 20 masters

◆ More than 30 patents and software copyrights

◆ Exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States and Canada, and established agencies in more than 10 countries

◆ Products through the United States UL, Canada CSA, European CE certification

◆ Passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

◆ 16,000 square meters clean workshop

Green Power rectifier manufacturer

Service Commitment

◆ The company has established a complete service system: including pre-sale, sales and after-sales service

◆ Adhering to the customer-oriented service spirit

◆ Provide professional customized solutions for customer needs

◆ Equipped with senior engineer to provide professional technical support

◆ Provide spare parts

◆ Respond within two hours of receiving customer feedback and arrive 24 hours

◆ One year warranty

◆ Lifelong maintenance

◆ 24-hour service hotline

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