DC DC Converter PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

DC DC Converter PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

DC DC Converter PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis 1. Purpose of DC DC Converter for PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role worldwide. It’s the backbone of a sustainable, CO 2 ­ free energy sector, and thus a key technology for achieving...

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DC DC Converter PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

1. Purpose of DC DC Converter for PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role worldwide. It’s the backbone of a sustainable, CO2­ free energy sector, and thus a key technology for achieving decarbonization by the year 2100. Its share in global power generation is growing daily. But how can fluctuating energy sources such as sun and wind be integrated in existing grids, ongoing industrial processes, and flexible, individual mobility?

Hydrogen isn’t just the fuel of the future – it’s the fuel of the present!

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Almost all of our chemical fuels are based on hydrogen, although in a bound form as hydrocarbons or other hydrogen compounds. To limit climate change caused by the global increase in CO2 emissions, solutions must be found for generating carbon­neutral and, therefore, sustainable fuels. This requires, among other things, that hydrogen is produced using renewable energy sources.

For many decades, the electrolysis of water was the standard method for producing hydrogen, to achieve renewable energy by Solar power to provide power for hydrogen electrolysis, DC DC converter converts Solar Power output DC to required DC voltage and current by electrolyzer.  It could integrate MPPT in the system. 


2. Features of Green Power DC DC Converter for PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

  • Modular design

  • High efficiency

  • Power up to 5MW or even higher

  • Mature technology, same technology used for Nuclear, Polysilicon and Oil detection and run successfully

3. Main Parameters of DC DC Converter for PV Solar Hydrogen Electrolysis

  • Each DC/DC module rated DC output current: 200A for air cooling, 300A for water cooling. 

  • Control accuracy: ±0.5%  

  • Operation: local touch panel/remote PLC control

  • Cooling: air cooling or water cooling

  • System Configuration: module quantity based on output parameters. 


  • Module features

The system adopts redundant structure, single module realizes 210a rated output, and when there is a module running fault, it exits automatically, and other modules share the current. Constant current setting is adopted in control mode.

Each module operates independently, each module is networked through CAN bus, and synchronous output is made by optical fiber, as shown in Figure 2 below. The power system has the following characteristics:

(1) modular parallel redundancy design scheme, when one or several modules fail, the failure module will exit from operation, while other modules can continue to operate normally, and will increase the output to compensate for the power loss caused by the operation of the failure module, greatly improving the reliability of the power system;

(2) the power supply system adopts can bus network and data exchange through CAN bus. Compared with general communication bus, the data communication of CAN bus has outstanding reliability, real-time and flexibility;

(3) optical fiber is used to synchronize the power system modules, which has the advantages of small delay and strong anti-interference ability.

(4) the power supply system has perfect protection functions, including power unit overheating, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, overvoltage and undervoltage, IGBT fault, short circuit and other fault detection and voltage and current limiting functions;

(5) the power system adopts the full digital control mode, which has the advantages of intelligence, high modularity, high control precision, easy to realize complex control algorithm and distributed control system;

(6) the touch screen is used for human-computer interaction. The touch screen can not only display real-time electric parameters such as output voltage, current, power, ampere hour, etc., but also perform data query, data storage, waveform display, key parameter setting and other functions.

(7) automatically configure the load balance degree of each winding of multi pulse rectifier to realize the optimal working state of transformer and improve efficiency and reliability.

(8) super fast response: it can quickly respond to the load change in the electrolytic cell, adapt to the 40% fluctuation range of the power grid, and maintain good constant current control characteristics.

4. About Green Power

  • High-tech enterprises, more than 20 years of experience in R&D and engineering of power electronics products

  • Strong technical strength, 6 doctors, 20 masters

  • More than 30 patents and software copyrights

  • Exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States and Canada, and established agencies in more than 10 countries

  • Products through the United States UL, Canada CSA, European CE certification

  • Passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

  • 16,000 square meters clean workshop

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