800A 80V Electrolysis Transformer Rectifier For Chlorine Generation By Seawater And Brine Electrolysis

800A 80V Electrolysis Transformer Rectifier For Chlorine Generation By Seawater And Brine Electrolysis

The thyristor 800A 80V electrolysis transformer rectifier for chlorine generation by seawater and brine electrolysis is air cooled, exported to Italy, with CE mark.

Product Details

800A 80V Electrolysis transformer rectifier for chlorine generation by seawater and brine electrolysis

1. Application

The rectifiers(DC Power Supplies) are widely used for waste water treatment by electrolysis process, seawater desalination, Ballast water treatments, Sodium Hypochlorite generation from seawater or brine(Electrochlorination) , applied in water disinfection in industries, miniciplalities, residential colonies, schools and other water bodies, ballast water treatment; sea water treatment for industries using seawater for cooling system such as in cooled power plants, petrochemical industies, LNG terminals, desalination facilities & other coastal industries. 

2. Transformer rectifier working principle

After the AC power of the power grid is regulated by the rectifier transformer, it is rectified and regulated by the thyristor rectifier circuit. The control system realizes the measurement sampling, internal calculation, trigger control, protection, communication and other functions of the system, and realizes the stable DC output. 

Generally, there are two types of rectifying circuit: three-phase bridge and double star circuits. Select the appropriate circuit form according to the output parameters to realize the optimization of the system.

The system composition is like below:


rectifier double star circuit

3. Transformer rectifier for electrolysis reference pictures


4. Transformer rectifier main parameters

Parameter Name


Name of supplier

Green Power Co., Ltd.


Thyristor rectifier phase control

Input voltage

AC 3 phase 400V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±1%

Rated output DC voltage

DC 80V

Rated output DC current

DC 800A


Continuous working at full load-class I

Single rectifier number of pulse

6 pulse circuit

Number of rectifier unit


DC constant current control range


Connection mode of rectifier unit

Double star with IPT

Rectifier cooling

Forced air cooling

Efficiency @ rated load


Current control accuracy

Within ±1%

Current harmonic

THDi less than 5% and each harmonic meet IEEE 519 requirement after adding active harmonic filter.

Power factor

≥0.9 at rated output

Short time overload capacity

150% for 1 minute, 115% for 5 minutes

Current margin

>3 times

Voltage margin

>3 times


<5%(RMS) at full output load

Type of control

Digital control

Ingress protection class (IP) of rectifier panel


Ambient temperature considered for design purpose

Max. 50℃

Type of DCCT


Type and mode of control

Constant current/voltage

Working ways

Local(by touch panel or buttons)/Remote(external contacts and 4-20mA signals)


Color touch panel


Transformer dry type, Rectifier cubicles is forced air cooling

Remote control communication

Dry contacts and 4-20mA signal


Surge voltage R-C snubber protection

Output over voltage protection

Overload/overcurrent protection

Short circuit protection

Over temperature protection

Input over/under voltage protection(wrong phase sequence and phase

 loss protection)

Arm Thyristor over heat protection Fast-acting fuse protection

Insulation protection

Auxiliary circuit failure protection

Emergency stop

AC cable entry(input)

Through the bottom or required by customer

DC cable entry(output)

From top or required by customer

Vector group


Transformer cooling

Resin dry type


Painted carbon steel, powder coated

Door to access control devices, other panel are screwed.

Cabinet dimensions

2000*1400*1800mm(L*W*H) for reference


Estimated 1300kg

Control circuit

PLC to manage control logic, alarms, standard trip signals, safety signals are hard wired.

Marking CE

With certification in conformity with Low Voltage

directive 2014/35/EU and with directive 2014/30/EU (electro

magnetic compatibility directive EMC)

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