15kA 380V DC Power Supply Thyristor Rectifier For Hydrogen Production Through Electrolysis Of Water

15kA 380V DC Power Supply Thyristor Rectifier For Hydrogen Production Through Electrolysis Of Water

15kA 380V 5.7MW thyristor rectifier for Hydrogen production through electrolysis of water is for China biggest hydrogen generation factory

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This DC Power Supply thyristor rectifier is for hydrogen production through electrolysis of water.


Video of the thyristor rectifier

Main Parameters

Parameter Name


Input voltage

AC 3 phase 20kV ±5%, 50Hz(custom design)

Rated output DC voltage

DC 380V

Rated output DC current

DC 15kA

Output power rating(max.)

DC 5.7MW

Ramp up function


HMI(human-machine interface)

Local touch panel on control cabinet

Operating mode

Manual(local touch panel)/Auto(DCS)

Rectifier cooling type

Water cooling by deionized water

Power factor

0.9@operating point 100%

Efficiency @ rated load

≥97%@operating point 100%

Stability of output current/power at set point


Harmonics THDi

about <12% without filter compensation

Materials of construction of AC&DC bus bar


Type of control

Digital control

Ingress protection class (IP) of rectifier panel

IP42(could reach IP54)

Ambient temperature considered for design purpose

Max. 50℃

Type of DCCT



Thyristor based

Rectifier main circuit configuration

Three phase bridge

Type and mode of control

Constant current


150% for 1 minutes, 110% for 5 minutes

Transformer cooling method


Insulation grade


Transformer installation place

Indoor or outdoor

Transformer Silicon steel sheets

adopt top quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with high 

permeability and low loss 30Q120


Color touch panel

Remote control interface

4-20mA signal and dry contacts Or by communication RS485 or according to customer requirement


Earthing monitoring

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses

Phase loss

Input over/under voltage

Short circuit

Output current limit

Rectifier over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current

Transformer gas protection

Transformer over temperature

And others

Paint finish

Powder coating


Mechanical Structure

Non-magnetic material

Control parts are in control panel

The doors is provided with suitable transparent cover

All bolts and nuts in rectifier are stainless steel material.

Rectifier outline size(L*W*H) and weight

3000*1500*2200(mm), 3000kg

Rectifier Main Features

◆ DSP digital control, high accuracy, high reliability

◆ Up to 96 channels of switch signal monitoring(fuse status, thyristor heatsink temperature)

◆ Touch panel HMI, record history data record, monitoring the system status, output waveform, alarm self diagnosis etc.

◆ DC output of rectifier cabinet (oxygen free copper TU1).

◆ The doors are provided with transparent cover to have a clear view of the inside equipment and components. All side covers of rectifier cabinet is removable type.

◆ The live parts are covered for safety. All access doors form part of stop circuit using limit switch to restrict access to high power equipment. The only compartments outside this scope are the LV control panel and cooling system.

◆ The synchronous signal of the rectifier cabinet is taken from secondary of the rectifier transformer and has a low voltage backup synchronous signal source.

◆ The protection level of rectifier cabinet is IP42.

◆ Rectifier busbar is anticorrosive treated.

◆ Rectifier is installed indoor.

◆ Bus bar inside rectifier adopt oxygen-free copper.

◆ Copper bus bar is tin plated.

◆ Rectifier cabinet paint color: RAL7035 or custom design

◆ Each components are marked inside rectifier.

◆ Trigger control: fully digital software regulation trigger.

◆ Overload capability: 105% rated output can run continuously, and 150% rated output can run for one minute.

◆ The thyristors’ current sharing coefficient is more than 0.9, and the current sharing coefficient between the rectifier arms is more than 0.9.

◆ The thyristor use CRRC(mother company of UK Dynex), technology and quality is same level as ABB. The thyristors are the core component of the rectifier, its optimization and selection directly relates to the reliability, service life, current sharing coefficient and overall efficiency of the system, and is very important. Thyristors with uniform parameters can be connected in parallel to minimize the discreteness of component parameters and improve the current sharing coefficient.

◆ Thyristor is N+1 configuration, if one thyristor fails, the rectifier could continue to output rated output without undue damage.

◆ The current control accuracy is better than ±1%.

◆ Mismatch of thyristors of load limited to 10%;

Outline drawing


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