12V Power Supply DC IGBT Plating Rectifier

40' container of IGBT rectifiers shipped to Europe Why we have Europe quality? 1. Advanced technology Reasonable topology Modular design 32 bits digital control Touch panel HMI Direct parallel connection technology MODBUS, Profibus, Profinet communication, analog signal Software control...

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Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty


Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warrantyEurope quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty

40' container of IGBT rectifiers shipped to Europe

Why we have Europe quality?

1. Advanced technology

2. User-oriented mechanical design

3. Reliable material and components

4. Excellent performance

Power Range


Working principle

The @alice@ circuit takes alternating current (AC) from the wall outlet and converts it into

a positive direct current (DC) output. Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty


What is IGBT rectifier?


The high frequency switching IGBT rectifier’s three phase AC input is converted to DC through rectification and filter, then DC voltage is transformed to DC output through phase shift full bridge PWM DC/DC converter. The power supply has independent power modules, each module could output independently or output in parallel connection.


IGBT has many advantages compared to traditional SCR rectifier, such as:

When IGBT rectifier is more energy saving than SCR rectifier?

When the rated output voltage is below 50V, IGBT rectifier's energy saving effect is more obvious.


Application Field

The IGBT rectifier is used for the fields wherever require DC output power. such as:

Electrochemistry: Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro refining, electronic cleaning, tinning, pickling, surface coloring, cathode protection

Heating: Inductive heating, DC heating, single phase AC heating

Water treatment: Waste water treatment, seawater desalination

Others: other fields require DC power

Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty


Cooling option

(1) Water cooling

(2) Forced air cooling

Comparison between forced air cooling and water cooling:
Water cooling:
1).cheaper cost;
2).better cooling effect under high ambient temperature, up to 50°C;
3).better cooling effect for high power rectifier;
4).cabinet sealed, suitable for corrosive enviroment;
5).smaller size.
1).need yourself to prepare cooling water (we could provide water chiller together on request).
Forced air cooling:
1).convenient use,needn't extra work on the cooling system;
2) suitable for low power rectifier
1).price higher than water cooling.
2).cooling effect is not as good as water cooling under very high ambient temperature above 40°C.
3).if rectifier is put very close to electroplating or anodizing bath, the acid corrosive gas may damage inner parts of rectifier and affect the reliability.


Performance highlights

High reliability

Energy saving

Space saving

Modular power platform

Multi-tower interconnection

High power factor

High accuracy and stability

High intelligence

Easy operation and maintenance

RS485, Profibus-DP, Profinet communication

Low current ripple



Technical parameters


Parameters nameParameter value
Input voltage

3 phase AC 380V, 480V, 415V, 220V ±10%, 50-60Hz

Output DC current

Rated 500A~30kA

Output DC voltage

Rated 6V-400V
Protection classIP31, on request up to IP54

>90% @ rated output

Power factor

≥0.93 @ rated output

Ambient temp.

Max. 50°C (water cooling)

max. 40°C(forced air cooling)


Water or forced air cooling

Regulation range

Stepless at constant voltage or current 0-100%

Control precision


Duty ratio

Continuous operation at rated loads up to 2000m altitude

Control modeConstant current/voltage/power
Operation mode


Relative humidity


Communication interfaceRS485, 0-10V/4-20mA
Communication protocolMODBUS,Profibus DP, Profinet
Process programmingAvailable
Polarity reversalAvailable
Module separate output
Parrallel connection module numberNo limit
Remote control boxAvailable
Spare partsAvailable
HMITouch panel or digital meters/buttons
PackagePlywood packing for export



Optional functions


*Output polarity reverse

*Remote control box

*Timer setting, auto OFF

*Process Step Setting, auto running

*Soft Start & Stop with time setting

*Save last time output setting,such as keeping 12V while starting



Main types

Water cooling(size: 450*500*230mm L*W*H)

Forced air cooling(size: 450*300*600 L*W*H)

Water cooling(size: 460*630*310 L*W*H)

Water cooling(size: 580*1050*1630mm L*W*H)

Water cooling(size: 580*1050*1630mm L*W*H)


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Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty







Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty

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Europe quality water treatment rectifier one year warranty

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