150A 64V CE UL Certified Battery Charger for AGV

150A 64V CE UL Certified Battery Charger for AGV

UL certified quality AC-DC power supply Battery charger 150A 64VV ,This rectifier adopts high frequency IGBT as semiconductor component and is suitable for battery charging.

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150A 64V UL certified quality Ac-DC power supply

 for battery charging


      An Industrial battery charger or an industrial battery recharger is a device used to provide energy to a rechargeable battery or a secondary cell by passing current through it. Industrial battery chargers are typically used for charging huge battery banks and also provide DC output to the load. Industrial batteries and industrial battery chargers are like a carriage and a horse, the two always go together. Industrial batteries require high rate chargers. A battery charger is an external device which supplies power to batteries used in electronic vehicles or equipment. It converts AC Current into low voltage AC or low voltage DC Protocol of charging depends on the type and size of batteries. Industrial battery chargers are generally Single phase or three phase and typically three phase industrial chargers are   used.   Some batteries have high tolerance overcharging and others cannot stand high rate charging and the charger must, thus, have a voltage sensing or temperature sensing circuit and a microprocessor controller to adjust the charging current and cutoff at the end of the charger.


 Our AC-DC power supply  


                                                                  power supply in the production line

image   image

the power supply connection


     Rectifier telecom for battery charging,  single phase or 3 phase AC input is converted to DC through rectification and filter, then DC voltage is transformed to DC output through phase shift full bridge PWM DC/DC converter. The power supply has independent power modules, each module could output independently or output in parallel connection.

      IGBT Rectifier Battery Charger is intelligent high-frequency switch power supply modules, is specially developed to meet the demands of battery charging.

      The rectifier is designed with world leading patent technology “resonant voltage type soft switching power supply technology”.

      They feature high efficiency and stability, intelligent control, small size and light weight. RS-485 interface, easy to connect with automation system for various transformer substations, power plant, hydraulic power plant and other DC power supply applications.


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